usc logo Master of Science in Computer Science - University of Southern California (August 2022 - May 2024)

[GPA: 3.85/4.00]


thapar logo Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering - Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (July 2016 - July 2020)

[GPA: 9.64/10.00]

Major Coursework

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics & Visualization, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning.


  • Worked in labs under the supervision of professors from the Computer Engineering Department. Conducted successful research and published papers in high-impact journals and conferences.
  • Devised a course curriculum of 40 hrs under the Experiential Learning Centre of college, which introduced use-cases of robotic arm to first-year students. Prepared pre-workshop lectures, assisted students in projects and grading their work.
  • During 2019's summer school, taught first-year students the fundamentals of Python and tutored them the concepts of Computer Vision (creating a CNN using Transfer Learning), creating a Blockchain, developing a cryptocurrency using OOPS in Python, and testing the built API using Postman.