Work Experience

Autoenhance logo Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer Intern - (January 2024 - May 2024)

  • Enhancing image quality globally and locally, focusing on selective detail enhancement and comprehensive filtering via deep learning.
  • Engineering automated censoring for license plates, faces, and other sensitive data, ensuring image compliance with data protection laws.

USC-ISI logo Graduate Researcher - Information Sciences Institute (August 2022 - December 2023)

  • Utilized prompt engineering and memory-based approaches in large language models for text-based game playing.
  • Designed reinforcement learning agents with enhanced memory, language grounding, and object affordances. (Published at KCap 2023)
  • Enhanced visual question answering system by implementing visual cropping methods to focus specific region in images. (Published at NeurIPS Workshop 2023)
  • Developed a multimodal approach for recipe generation from food images using attention-based vision and language models. (Published at WACV 2024)

Housing logo Data Scientist - (July 2020 - August 2022)

  • Utilized analytical and technical expertise to deliver insights and suggestions for business progress.
  • Achieved 92% precision on fraud engine by leveraging historical and session-level attributes to block fake leads.
  • Developed a computer vision pipeline creating 3D floor plans from spherical projections, saving 400 work hours/month.
  • Automated image auditing process, saving $40k/year and increasing online traffic by 12%.
  • Devised an image classifier with 93% precision and 89% recall, labeling real-estate tags in real-time at 6 FPS on CPU. (Article)
  • Published two research papers in top international conferences: ECML'22 and CODS-COMAD’23
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Proptiger logo Data Scientist - (Jan 2020 - July 2020)

  • Improved image quality (contrast, brightness, sharpness, blur) resulting in 8% increase in CTR on social media campaigns. (Article)
  • Developed a No-Reference Image Quality Ranking tool to select the most visually appealing real estate property images. (Article)
  • Launched a service that extracts real-estate entity tags from WhatsApp group messages with 87% f1-score.